2014 Combined Title Award Winners

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Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across TWO Disciplines

Glencoe's Native Fox Tradition JE RATN
Mary B. Smith
"Cricket" Glencoe’s Nativefox Tradition, RATN JE is a delight. She is simply glad to be alive. She is learning from her older half brother Mo how to be a good vermin catcher and is making progress in Earthdog and Barn Hunt. She only needs one more leg and she’ll have her Open Barn Hunt title. We’re entered this weekend, so our fingers and paws are crossed!
  GCH Morgansonne Tanner Dar-Lu JE
Susan Altmeyer
"Tanner" garnered his Grand Championship, earning several majors along the way. With limited showing, he is nearing the Bronze level. His interests are now focused on Earthdog and Barn Hunts. We started with Earthdog in October 2013, at which time he was entered in his first trial (Intro to Quarry), just to see if he had an aptitude for the event. He really wanted to get to that rat, however didn’t have enough confidence to stay in the tunnel. In May of this year, after some practice, he earned his Junior Earthdog in one weekend. We are now training for Senior level. Additionally, he is enjoying above-ground hunting and is working towards his Novice Barn Hunt title.
CH Tococa O'King of Hearts RATS
Phoebe Holbrooks
"Spanky" bred by Traci Matthews earned his conformation champion title as well as multiple BOB and group wins including a Group 1 placement while being shown in the breed ring.. Spanky eagerly performed in the show ring but was always extremely happy to return home to his backyard to chase the squirrels and rabbits out of his domain. After Spanky attended his first Barn Hunt fun trial it was evident that he thoroughly enjoyed the sport of finding the rats! He quickly earned his Barn Hunt titles up through Open level. Then he was the first SFT to earn his Senior Barn Hunt Title qualifying with the fastest time on all 3 legs in his Senior height groups and 2 of the 3 legs required to earn 1st place for the best time in the entire Senior Group! At home Spanky enjoys daily long walks, playing his favorite game of fetching the stick, spending quiet time in his "man cave" (one of his many beds under my bed) and of course chasing anything away that enters his backyard. I am SO very proud of Spanky and all of his accomplishments. He is an absolute joy and a wonderful Fox Terrier. We are eagerly looking forward to many more Barn Hunts and finding those rats!
CH High Mtn Divine Design at Tralen CA
Tracey & Leonard Luty and Carolyn Snavely
"Devin" is our first Smooth Fox Terrier. He has been a great addition to our kennel of multi-titled Irish Wolfhounds. Devin grew up with our Irish Wolfhound who was the top lure coursing Irish Wolfhound for two years in a row. Therefore it was a given that he would love to chase the plastic bunny. He earned his CA in one weekend in April 2013. Two months later he earned his conformation championship at the ripe old age of 18 months. Devin has earned a few more legs towards his CAA and we hope to have that finished this spring. Devin has earned a leg in Barn Hunt and we can't wait to see how he does with Earthdog. He keeps us busy.
  Jadee Poetry for Lady Niki CDX RN OA OAJ MXP AJP
Holly Jedlicke & Linda Hembree
"Niki" is quite the girl. My first Wire Fox Terrier earned a UD, so Niki headed to the obedience ring first earning her CDX. She is trained through Utility as well, but Agility was calling my name. With no natural athletic ability plus suffering from asthma, I knew running agility would be quite a stretch. Also, I discovered that remembering the obstacles in the correct order proved a challenge, but I pursued anyway. This coupled with the fact that Niki’s love of life is to hunt; well as you can see, we had more than the agility obstacles to get over. However, today I want to thank this great little dog. Even though my athletic ability hasn’t improved much, I can now easily remember twenty obstacles with ease, plus I can run without my asthma medicine. Who knew a dog could do so much? At age nine she is still having tons of fun, and Barn Hunt is next on our agenda.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across THREE Disciplines

  GCH OTCH Cobell's Star Struck UDX10 OGM RAE ME
Ingrid Butt & Joanne Cote
Diva truly is my once in a lifetime dog. Everything I have ever asked her to do she had been successful at. She has earned her Obedience Trial Championship in three venues AKC, UKD and ASCA. She is the first Smooth Fox to earn these titles. She won the National Obedience Championship in Orlando and she won Utility at the UKC Invitational and won High Combined twice at their Premier Shows. She is the first Fox Terrier to earn AKC's IMG ( Obedience Grand Master title). She also finished her AKC RAE and APDT's ARCH EX Rally title. She is a Champion and a Master Earthdog which is absolutely her favorite activity We plan on entering Barn Hun events in the future. She went to one practice and loved it. It has been a privilege to show such a talented girl and I am grateful everyday for the love and affection she gives me.
  CH Glencoe's Gone to Ground SE RATO
Mary B. Smith
Ch Glencoe’s Gone to Ground RATO SE aka Mo, is my heart dog. He’s an excellent hunter and thoroughly enjoys Earthdog Trials and Barn Hunts. Who could ask for more!
  GCH Dar-Lu Giovanni RN RATO
Michele Luther & Susan J. Altmeyer
Gino and I have been working together since he was about 3 months old and he just turned 3 years old. He is eager to please, gets along well with other dogs and fun to work with as a conformation, obedience and performance dog switching from one discipline to another at the shows. Together we are training for more advanced Obedience titles and working toward our Tracking Dog and Novice Agility titles along with Earthdog. Life is just not normal without a nice dog to work with.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FOUR Disciplines

  CH Sqwires Playing With Fire RN JE THD
Rick & Maggie Schmude
"Phoenix" is our first Wire Fox Terrier and was closely followed by her housemate, Bing. Her sweet nature made her a great candidate for therapy dog work. She particularly enjoys reading with children, which she does at our local library in its Paws for a Tale program. Earthdog was great fun for her, although we could tell she wasn’t especially interested in Rally. She has a mind of her own like most female terriers, and rather grudgingly participated. Currently, she is doing Canine Nosework, which we think is her very favorite thing since she smiles the whole time she’s doing it. Even suffering from atypical Cushings disease she was able to pass her odor recognition test for anise in 31 seconds. Barn Hunt is also something she enjoys since she and Bing both love “crittering.”
  Fyrewyre's Berried Treasure RE CAA THD RATN
Rebecca Malivuk
Berry earned his Novice Barn Hunt title this Spring with 2 Q's at Central States first ever BH trials and then followed up his 3rd trial over the Summer with a 3rd place ribbon and then went on to get his first Open Level Q with Fastest Open dog and first place ribbon. He is a meticulous hunter and makes sure all area's are sniffed out before marking his rat tubes for me to call. We have also enjoyed picking up several Q's in the obedience ring and continue to volunteer as a therapy dog team with his brother Stetson. Looking forward to many more Q's whether it is Barn Hunt or Obedience we are ready to roll.
  CH J-Lyn's Shaken, Not Stirred RN JE RATN
Patricia Greaves
James Bond got his 1st Barn Hunt leg last November 2013. I had him entered in Intro & Novice. He showed no interest in Intro & ignored all 3 tubes, even the one with the rat! I thought Novice would be a waste, but to my surprise he qualified. With Winter coming there were no more trials. In March 2014 there were 4 trials. I entered 1 Saturday & 2 Sunday. We needed 2 more legs. On Saturday afternoon he made me proud & we got our second leg. Sunday morning proved different. I saw him digging at a hay bale & called it. It was only the bedding. The judge showed me where the rat was & I directed James there. He started digging & showed more enthusiasm. That afternoon we had another trial & I watched him closely. I waited until I was sure that he found the rat & I called it. We got our 3rd leg. He came in 3rd fastest in his class & got his Novice Barn Hunt title. Now it is on to Open level!


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across FIVE Disciplines

  Sqwires Hot to Trot RA JE OA OAJ NFP MXP2 MJP CA RATO
Becky & Steve Heiner
At nine years young, Hank is still going strong and managed to earn five new titles this past year. Sadly though, he has told me it’s time to retire from agility. I’ll miss stepping up to the start line with my MVP. Although Hank won’t be competing in agility any longer, he still needs a job to do and has begun careers in Obedience, Rally, Nosework and Tracking. I’m looking forward to many new adventures with my versatile little dog who has already surpassed my wildest dreams and has done everything I’ve ever asked of him. Owned and loved by Becky & Steve Heiner and bred by Gail & Michael Obradovich & Geneva Heller
  CH Hiwire Act at Hexham CD RE SE CA RATO
Lucia Hackett
Bella is a once in a lifetime dog that continues to amaze me with her zest for learning and life. At 13 years young she is going strong and earned the 3 qualifying legs for her AKC Coursing Ability Title this year. To date she has 7 legs towards the 10 she needs for her Coursing Ability Advanced title. She amazes the judge and participants when they learn she is a veteran plus 6! I am so proud to be at the other end of her leash and look forward to many more delightful adventures with this wonderful dog. Master Barn Hunt level here we come.....


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across SIX Disciplines

  CH Antitiem's Stetson CD RAE JE CAA THD RATN
Rebecca Malivuk
Stetson continues to be a great team player! Everything we try...he gives his all and great things come from it. We finished his Champion title this past Fall. Then in the pouring rain he tackled tunnels and rats and earned his Junior Earth Dog title with pure need to e-RATicate rats! On to Barn Hunt and he earned his Novice title at Central States specialty with 3 blue ribbons and 2 Fastest Novice dog ribbons! He has now earned 2 Q's in Open Barn Hunt and ready to "hunt them up" any chance I give him. I am so excited to see him qualify for 6 disciplines and even more proud to be his BOH.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across SEVEN Disciplines

There were no Accolade Award recipients for the 2014 award year.


Awarded To Member-Owned Fox Terriers
Achieving Titles Across EIGHT Disciplines

There were no Hurrah Award recipients for the 2014 award year.